"Beyond The Realm Of Words"
Little Chickadee Records (2016)
Produced and arranged by Gail Davies and Chris Scruggs
Recorded and Mixed by Mark Nevers at The Beech House, Nashville, TN
Additional recordings by Rob Price at LCP Studios
Inside Photograph: Jared Manzo

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Song Titles



You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine
Southbound Train
Black, Black Smoke
My Brothers and Me
Beyond The Realm Of Words
Wicked City Lights
See Through The Rain
Never Cross That Line
It's Gotta Be The Right One
The Price I Pay
All Nite Cafe

Bob Dylan
Gail Davies
Ron Davies
Gail Davies
Ron Davies
Ron Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Ron Davies
Ron Davies

Electric Guitar:
Acoustic Guitar:
12 String Acoustic:
Acoustic Piano:
Electric Piano:
Steel Guitar:
Background Vocals:
Harmony Vocal:

Chris Scruggs
Richard Bennett
Chris Scruggs
Chris Nole
Micah Hulsher
Chris Scruggs
Willie Weeks
Kenny Malone, Bob Mummert
Chris Scruggs
Kelly Hogan, Nora O'Connor, Rob Price, Chris Scruggs, Gail Davies & Jonell Mosser
Patty Mitchell on "Beyond The Realm Of Words"

       This is the first album Gail Davies has ever co-produced and it's not at all surprising that she chose her son, multi-instrumentalist Chris Scruggs, to work on it with her. The basic tracks were recorded at the Beech House in Nashville with engineer Mark Nevers (best known for his work with the band Lambchop) and a cast of world renowned musicians. Three of the songs on this album were originally written for Gail's band Wild Choir on RCA Records back in 1986 but were never released until now. This album also features five songs written by the late Ron Davies with the opening tune taken from Bob Dylan's album "Blonde On Blonde."


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