"The Best of Gail Davies"
Capitol Records (1990)
Produced and arranged by Gail Davies for Little Chickadee Productions
Recorded by Bob Bullock at 16th Avenue Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Mixed by Rob Feaster at the Castle in Franklin, Tennessee
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics, Nashville, Tennessee

Song Titles



Someone is Looking For Someone Like You
I'll Be There
Blue Heartache
Bucket to the South
Grandma's Song
You're a Hard Dog to Keep Under the Porch
Round the Clock Lovin'
Singing the Blues
Unwed Fathers
Jagged Edge of a Broken Heart

Gail Davies
Rusty Gabbard/Ray Price
Paul Kraft
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Harlan Howard/Susanna Clark
K.T.Oslin/Rory Bourke
Melvin Endsley
John Prine/Bobby Braddock
Walker Igleheart/Mike Joyce

"Unwed Fathers" and "Jagged Edge of a Broken Heart" were leased from RCA Records for this project. Check the album Where is a Woman To Go for a list of musicians from that session.

Acoustic guitars:
Electric guitars:
Acoustic piano:
Steel guitar/Dobro:
Background vocals:

Pete Pendras
Danny Parks
Gary Prim
Willie Weeks
Bob Mummert
Steve Fishell
Rob Hajacos
Terry McMillan
Buddy Blackman
Gene Sisk, Programed by Byron House
Vince Gill and Gail Davies


          Before Gail left Warner Brothers in 1983 and signed with RCA Records, she compiled an album of her hits for the label to release at a later date. The masters turned up lost, or misplaced, by someone at the company who claimed that Gail had never delivered them. Gail's lawyer responded by pointing out that she would not have been paid the balance of her production fee (which was due upon delivery), if she had not turned the album in. It evolved into a standoff as nobody was willing to accept responsibility for having lost the masters.
           In 1990, still wanting to have her hit songs available to the public, Gail approached Jimmy Bowen at Capitol about re-recording her hit singles. He agreed and gave her a modest budget to put this album together. While mastering the finished record with Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics in Nashville, Glenn inquired about the Warner Bros. tapes and asked why Gail had not used them instead. She told him that the masters had been lost. He replied, "They're not lost! They're back in the vaults. Warner Brothers sent them over with no PO number and they've been sitting here ever since." A simple clerical error had caused a monumental misunderstanding.
           This album is a compilation of "re-recorded" versions of Gail's hits. It is still available in some areas and can be obtained through vintage record stores like the Great Escape in Nashville, Tennessee.

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