Little Chickadee Productions (1995)
Produced and arranged by Gail Davies for Little Chickadee Productions
Recorded and mixed by Craig White at Sound Stage Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

Song Titles



Just Can't Satisfy You
With A Friend Like You
Where Does Love Come From
In the Worst Way
Drifting (Farther Away)
Your Mamma Works So Hard
Wedding Invitation
Heat it Up
Lean On You
Reaching Out For Him

Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies


Electric guitars:
Acoustic guitars:
Additional guitars:
Bass guitar:
Mandolin& Fiddle:
Background vocals:
Cover design:

Larry Chaney
Kevin Welch (Larry Chaney plays the acoustic intro on "Reaching Out For Him")
Richard Bennett on "Heat It Up"
Willie Weeks (Jimmy Sloas on "Just Can't Satisfy You")
Mitch Humphries and Gene Sisk
Bob Mummert
Jerry Douglas
Sam Bush
Gail Davies and John Cowan with Gene Sisk
Sprintz Hall
Dana Rimback


          After the release of Gail's second Capitol album, Jimmy Bowen, now head of Liberty Records, offered her a position at the company as Nashville's first female staff producer. She accepted and was assigned to produce a talented, 15-year-old singer named Mandy Barnett. Gail recorded an album's worth of material on Mandy, searching for a style that would fit her. Much to her dismay, none of these recordings were ever released. A few of the songs Gail had produced on Mandy became #1 hits for other artists, and A Simple I Love You appeared on Mandy's debut album on Asylum Records.
          Gail stayed on with Liberty Records for three years, then after numerous disappointments, moved to the suburbs of Nashville and retired from the music business. It had been almost ten years since Gail toured with her band Wild Choir. She had performed only once during that time at the Kerrville Folk Festival in 1993. Gail also helped teach their songwriter's workshop.
          In 1994, manager/promoter Sharon Eaves asked Gail if she would like to do a tour of Europe with a show called Nashville Unplugged. Also included on this tour were Lionel Cartwright, Rob Crosby and Michael Johnson. The Swiss promoter, Roger Lehman, had asked specifically for Gail to be included in the lineup. She agreed to go, providing she could take her son, Chris Scruggs, along. While performing at a festival in Bern, Switzerland, Gail met a young British musician named Rob Price, who was playing bass for England's #1 country group, The Stu Page Band.
           Gail began writing as soon as she returned from Europe and half of the songs on this album were written for Rob Price. She decided, rather than deal with the major labels again, to re-finance her house and record her new songs on her own label, Little Chickadee Productions. She called this album Eclectic because it contained a potpouri of songs she had written over the years that did not fit the country format. The response from the press was overwhelming. Tower Pulse magazine chose Eclectic as one of the 10 Best Country Albums of the Year. It also appeared on The New York Times Top 10 list.
          The following summer, Gail traveled with her eleven year old son to England to promote her new CD. Craig Baguley, owner and editor of Country Music People magazine in London, set up some interviews for Gail at radio stations around the country. She met up with journalist Al Moir in Leeds for an interveiw with the BBC. Al asked if she would like to sing with one of the local English country bands so that he could review her performance. The bass player in the band was Rob Price, whom she'd met in Switzerland the previous year. Rob and Gail were married a month later (August 11, 1995) in Leeds, England.
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