"I'll Be There"
Warner Brothers Records (1980)
Produced and arranged by Gail Davies for Little Chickadee Productions
Recorded and mixed by Galen Senogles at Producer's Workshop, Los Angeles
Additional recordings at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Mastered by Denny Purcell at Woodland Mastering

Song Titles


Billboard Chart Position


I'll Be There
It's a Lovely, Lovely World
Mama's Gonna Give You Sweet Things
Honky Tonk Waltz
Farewell Song
Object of My Affection
I'm Hungry I'm Tired
Grandma's Song
No One to Welcome Me Home

Boudeleaux Bryant
Gail Davies
Paul Craft
Gail Davies
Delbert Mc Clinton
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Charles Moody

#4 released 11/29/80
#5 released 4/4/81

#9 released 8/15/81


Electric guitar:
Steel guitar:
Background vocals:
Harmony vocals:

Dean Parks and Marty Walsh
Leland Sklar
Mike Baird
Farrel Morris
Billy Payne, Jai Winding and Shane Keister
Buddy Spicher and Byron Berline
Jay Dee Maness and Lloyd Green
Terry Mc Millan and Mickey Raphael
Gail Davies, Walker Igleheart, Jeff Tassin and Paulette Carlson
Emmylou Harris and The Jordanaires
Arranged by Buddy Skipper, played by Shelly Kurland Strings
Ed Thrasher


          Gail's second production proved to be far more lucrative than her first, garnering three Top 10 hit singles. She said she recorded the title track, I'll Be There, because she loved singing the line "There ain't no man big enough to stop me." This single became her biggest hit to date, reaching No. 4 on the Billboard country charts and No. 2 in Cashbox magazine.
            Another recording from this album that made it into the Top 10 charts was a second recording of Grandma’s Song. Written by Gail in memory of her maternal grandmother, Frances Whitten, it begins with the actual voice of Mrs. Whitten singing an old Irish folk tune called The Fox Hunting Song.
            You will also notice the unmistakable voice of Emmylou Harris singing a beautiful harmony vocal with Gail on It's a Lovely, Lovely World. Written by Boudeleaux Bryant (the writer of such classics as Bye Bye Love and Rocky Top), it was originally recorded by one of Gail's favorite country singers Carl Smith
            The legendary Jordanaires (best known as the backing group with Elvis Presley) joined Gail in singing No One To Welcome Me Home. Originally recorded by Hank Williams (Luke the Drifter) on one of his gospel albums, this was a song that Gail and her brothers, Ron and Jimmy, sang when they were young. "We had an old jukebox in our living room," Gail explains, "filled with everything from The Mills Brothers and Nat King Cole to Hank Williams and Perry Como. It provided us with a wide range of various music styles."
           I'm Hungry I'm Tired is a song Gail wrote about her mentor Roger Miller. She spent a short time touring with Roger and his band in the 1970s and made her television debut as his duet partner singing Ashes of Love on the Merv Griffin Show . One evening, after a performance, Roger told her that his father had died when he was a baby and his mother had given him to his Aunt and Uncle to be raised on a farm in Oklahoma. Gail went home that night and wrote this song for Roger. She said he cried when she played it for him the next day. That's when she felt she had become a real songwriter.
          Though currently out of print, this vinyl LP can still be obtained at vintage record stores like the Great Escape in Nashville, Tennessee. To read more about these recordings, click on the autobiograhy page.

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