"Pretty Words "
MCA Records (1989)
Produced by Gail Davies for Little Chickadee Productions &
Jimmy Bowen for Lynwood Productions
Recorded by Tim Kish and Ron Treat at Soundstage Studios, Nashville, TN
Overdubs recorded by Bob Bullock, Mark Coddington and Russ Martin
Mixed by Bob Bullock at Emerald Studio and Masterfonics
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics

Song Titles


Billboard Chart Position


Waiting Here For You
I Don't Know Why
Hearts in The Wind
I've Had Enough
Somewhere Tonight
Pretty Words
It's Just a Matter of Time
Ready to Fall in Love Again   
Meet Me Halfway
I Will Rise and Shine Again

Gail Davies
Gail Davies/Harry Stinson
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies/Wally Wilson
Gail Davies
Gail Davies

#50 released 3/11/89

#69 released 6/24/89

Acoustic guitar:
Electric guitar:
Steel guitar:
Background vocals:

Art direction:
Project asst:

Billy Joe Walker, Jr. Kevin Welch and Pat Flynn
Reggie Young
Bob Mummert
Denny Dadmun-Bixby and Leland Sklar
Gene Sisk, Randy McCormick and Matt Rollings
John Catchings
Paul Franklin
Paul Franklin, Steve Fishell and Bruce Bowden
Gail Davies, Jonell Mosser, Harry Stinson, Walker Igleheart,
Lionel Cartwright and Herman Harper
Simon Levy
Jim McGuire
Jesse Noble

          Following the break up of Wild Choir in 1987, Gail returned to a solo career. She signed with MCA Records, now headed by Jimmy Bowen, who encouraged her to write as much as she could for her new album. During a period of five to six months, Gail wrote and co-wrote all the songs that appear on this album and co-produced it with Jimmy Bowen. Worried that one of her songs, Waiting Here For You, sounded too much like a melody that her buddy Harlan Howard had written, Gail called him at home and played it for him over the phone. Harlan, always the gentleman, said he thought it was a great song and sounded like "all of those other old time country melodies. Then he added, "Of course, you can put my name on it if you like, but I'd rather you had a big hit so you can take care of that little boy of yours."
          Newsweek magazine wrote a full page story about Gail when this album was released. She was also invited to appear on The Today Show singing her second single, Hearts In The Wind. Sadly, the album was caught in the middle of a highly political "changing of the guard" when Jimmy Bowen left MCA to run his own record company, which was a subsidiary label of MCA.
        Both Gail and Vince Gill had been label mates at RCA and signed with MCA at around the same time. They had released two singles on MCA, which did not fare well at radio. Tony Brown, who had produced Vince's MCA album, was committed to him and, in spite of recommendations to drop both artists, was able to convince the new head of MCA, Bruce Hinton, to release a third single on Vince entitled When I Call Your Name. Of course the rest is history. Gail, having been signed by Jimmy Bowen, had no one at the label to champion her. She was told there were no hit singles on her album and was abruptly dropped from the label.
        As luck would have it, Steve Fishell, who had played steel guitar on this album, was about to produce a new artist on Curb Records by the name of Jann Browne. Steve wanted to record Gail's song I Don't Know Why (written by Gail and Harry Stinson) on Jann. Curb Records asked if they could change the title of this song to Tell Me Why. The success of Jann's single was bittersweet for Gail. She was glad to see her song on the Billboard charts, and happy for the success of a fellow artist, but disappointed that MCA had not believed in her enough to release her own version of the song.
        Although currently out of print, this vinyl LP can still be obtained at vintage record stores like the Great Escape in Nashville, Tennessee.

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