"The Game"
Warner Brothers Records (1979)
Produced and arranged by Gail Davies
Basic tracks on "Blue Heartache, "Good Lovin' Man" and "The Game" were produced
in association with Garth Fundis and recorded at Woodland Studios.
Additional tracks recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in Sheffield, Alabama.
Mixed by Gene Eichelberger at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville, Tennessee.
"Blue Heartache" was mixed by Gail Davies and Tina Madison at Motown, L.A. Mastered by Denny Purcell at Woodland Mastering.

Song Titles


Billboard Chart Position


Blue Heartache
The Game
Good Lovin' Man
Careless Love
Love is Living Around Us
Sorry That You're Leavin
Never Seen a Man Like You
Drown in the Flood
Like Strangers
When I Had You in My Arms

Paul Kraft
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Gail Davies
Boudleaux Bryant      
Gail Davies

#7 released 11/17/79

#21 released 6/28/80

#21 released 3/22/80


Background vocals:    
Steel guitar/Dobro:
Album design:

Gail Davies, Pete Carr, Duncan Cameron and Jeff Tassin
David Hood, Joe Allen and Gary Baker
Kenny Malone and Roger Hawkins
Gail Davies, Garth Fundis, Jeff Tassin and Yvonne Hodges
Lloyd Green
Buddy Spicher
Terry McMillan
Farrel Morris
Cindy Reynolds
Shane Keister, Bobby Ogden, Steve Nathan and Randy McCormick
Arranged by Buddy Skipper. Played by Shelly Kurland Strings
Ed Thrasher
Martin Donald


          The Game was the first album in the history of country music to be produced entirely by a woman – namely Gail Davies. It was recorded in 1979 and released on Warner Bros. Records in 1980. Gail has been quoted as saying it was “a wonderful learning experience.”
          This album was originally going to be co-produced by Gail Davies and Garth Fundis. Due to scheduling conflicts and a differing view of the musical direction, Gail assumed sole control of the production tasks (after the first few tracks were recorded in Nashville) and moved the sessions to Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in Alabama.
           The first single released to radio stations, which went to No. 7 on the Billboard charts and No. 3 in Cashbox, was a song written by Paul Kraft entitled Blue Heartache. It was a successful attempt on Gail’s part to bring the sound of bluegrass back to country radio, long before roots music had its modern day revival.
            Like Strangers and Good Lovin’ Man (written by Gail Davies) made the Top 40 on the Billboard charts and established Gail as an up-and-coming artist. She was nominated by the CMA for their prestigious Horizon Award in 1980 and by the ACMA in Los Angeles. She also received an award for Best New Female Vocalist from the DJs of America that same year.
          Although currently out of print, this vinyl LP can still be obtained at vintage record stores like the Great Escape or Jack Lawrence Record Shop in Nashville: 615/256-9240. You can also contact Gail Davies International Fan club. For more information email us or write to PO Box 120545, Nashville, TN. 37212.

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