"What Can I Say"
Produced and arranged by Gail Davies for Little Chickadee Productions
Recorded and mixed by Rick Mc Collister at Woodland Sound Studio and
Ground Star Studios in Nashville, Tennessee
Mastered by Ken Perry at Masterphonics

Song Titles


Billboard Chart Position


Boys Like You
Following You Around
On a Real Good Night
Hallelujah, I Love Him So
What Can I Say
You're a Hard Dog
It's You Alone
If You Can Lie A Little Bit
The Boy in You is Showing
Setting Me Up

Gail Davies/Walker Igleheart
Walker Igleheart
Rodney Crowell
Ray Charles
Gail Davies
Harlan Howard/Suzanna Clark
Ron Davies
Bob Stone
Gail Davies
Mark Knopfler

#19 released 2/25/84

#18 released 10/15/83
#55 released 8/04/84


Acoustic Guitars:
Electric Guitars:
Steel Guitar:
Background vocals:
Harmony vocal:
Art Direction:
Art Design:

Billy Walker Jr.
Reggie Young and B. James Lowry
Billy Payne
Leland Sklar
Mike Baird
Lloyd Green
Jerry Douglas
Terry McMillian
Farrel Morris and Rick McCollister
Gail Davies, Walker Igleheart, Sheri Huffman and Jack Sundrud
Ricky Skaggs (It's You Alone)
Arranged by Bergen White and played by "The A Strings"
The Muscle Shoals Horns (conducted by Jim Horn)
Jim McGuire
Simon Levy
Laura Li Puma


          Gail used one of her original compositions, a song entitled What Can I Say, as the title for this album. It garnered two Top 20 hit singles, Boys Like You (written by Gail and Walker Igleheart) and You're A Hard Dog To Keep Under The Porch (written by Suzanna Clark and Harlan Howard).
           Also featured on this album singing a duet with Gail on It's You Alone (written by Gail's older brother Ron Davies) is a very young Ricky Skaggs. Ricky had just won the CMA Award for Best Male Vocalist and was kind enough to join Gail in the studio for this duet. Ricky also played all of the fiddle parts on this song. It was released as a single on country radio just as Gail was leaving Warner Bros. to sign with RCA Records. Subsequently, the single did not receive much, if any, support from her previous record label.
        Gail's production, featuring the Muscle Shoals Horns on Ray Charles' Hallelujah, I Just Love Him So and Mark Knopfler's Settin' Me Up, was a departure from her earlier recordings. That, along with various personal issues made the production of this album much more difficult. Gail's son, Chris Scruggs, was five months old at the time.  Chris sat in his car seat on top of the recording console while his mother produced this album. I guess you could say he was born to be in the studio.
          Currently out of print, this vinyl LP can still be obtained at vintage record stores like The Great Escape.

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