"Where is a Woman to Go"
RCA Records (1984)
Produced by Gail Davies and Leland Sklar for Little Chickadee Productions
Recorded by Bill Schnee at Emerald Studios in Nashville, Tennessee
Additional recordings by Bob Bullock at Woodland Sound Studios
Mixed by Bill Schnee at Bill Schnee Studio in Hollywood, California
Mastered by Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab

Song Titles


Billboard Chart Position


Break Away
The Trouble With Love
Nothing Can Hurt Me Now
Lovin' Me Too
Unwed Fathers
Different Train of Thought
Lion in the Winter
Where is a Woman to Go
Jagged Edge
Not a Day Goes By

Ron Davies
John Prine/Braddock
Hoyt Axton
Gail Davies

#15 released 9/21/85

#37 released 2/23/85

#56 released 6/22/85


#20 released 10/6/84


Steel Guitar:
Background vocals:

Harmony vocals:
Art Direction:

Billy Walker Jr. and Reggie Young
Billy Payne
Leland Sklar
Mike Baird
Vince Gill
Buddy Spicher
Lloyd Green and Paul Franklin
Jerry Douglas
Gail Davies, Walker Igleheart, Pam Rose and Mary Ann Kennedy
Gene Morford, Julia & Maxine Waters
Dolly Parton, Vince Gill and J.D. Souther
Mario Casilli
Bill Brunt


         Gail and her longtime friend and bass player Leland Sklar co-produced this album together. They approached the recording sessions as a live band performance, which accounts for the lack of lush strings and heavy overdubs normally heard on Gail's earlier recordings. 
         Jagged Edge Of A Broken Heart was the first single released from this album. According to BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) it played like a Top 5 radio hit, even though it only went to No. 20 on the Billboard charts. The reason for this is explained in Gail Davies' autobiography, The Last of the Outlaws.
           Nothing Can Hurt Me Now, written by Paul Kennerley and Bob McDill, was released as a single to radio stations on February 2, 1985 and climbed to No. 37 on the Billboard charts. Gail chose this song because she said the lyrics resonated with her following the failed relationship with her son's father.
          One of the more notable duets on the this album features Gail and Dolly Parton singing Unwed Fathers. Although the writing of this song is often credited to Gail, it was actually written by two men, John Prine and Bobby Braddock . It caused quite a stir at country radio with its controversial message. Newsweek magazine proclaimed it "The best country record of 1984" and wrote that "it would have been a hit had there not been so many unwed fathers programing the country radio stations."
           Lovin' Me Too was written by Gail's brother Ron Davies and features Vince Gill singing harmony with Gail. Vince and Gail were label mates on RCA at the time. Another notable appearance on this album is the voice of acclaimed songwriter J.D. Souther, singing with Gail on a Hoyt Axton song called Lion In The Winter.
           Although the song Not A Day Goes By (written by Gail Davies) was never released as a single in the United States, it was played in regular rotation on BBC Radio in the UK. As a result, RCA label executive, Joe Galante, arranged for Gail and her band to travel to England to perform at the Wembley Festival. This was the first Gail Davies album to be released in Europe.
          Currently out of print, this vinyl LP can be obtained at vintage record stores like The Great Escape.

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